Sunday, September 29, 2013


Occasionally we have a visiting priest celebrate mass at our parish.   My favorite is the brown bag priest.   Father "Brown Bag" has been retired for 11 years but he has not lost his touch, he is still one of the most captivating speakers I have ever heard.   His schtick is "what do I have in the brown paper bag".  He walks up and down the aisle shaking a brown paper bag quizzing parishioners to guess what is in it.   Our flock is always at a loss, 10 or more yell out a guess but never a "winner winner chicken dinner".   Father "Brown Bag" is pretty sly as the bag contents is always related to the gospel readings and by the time the bag contents is reveled we have been reeled in to his homily hook, line and sinker!  What was in the bag this week you ask?  His wallet.

As I look back on my walk towards maturity I see the path zig zagging, priorities ever changing.  The question that lingers is have I followed the path God planned for me or have I attempted to pave the path I wanted? One can always get back on the right path.  It is never to late to plant the roots of life, allowing them to run deep bringing forth strength and tenacity, opening our hearts to kindness, generosity and love.

Now is the time for all of us to look in to our hearts and find the beat that skips judgment, let the beat of caring, love and joy be the strength of our hearts.  Let this be what represents you as a Christian.