Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 days . Preping. Check.

So many things to think about to make the trip go smoothly, short hair? Curly hair? What shoes to take? What does one wear it Italy?  How many bags do I need to pack. Me oh my whats a girl to do!

Had the short hair last year on the cruise to Alaska.  Going with the perm this year.  Was hoping for wash and go, seems I ended up with wash and Bozo!!  Thank Goodness for all those 3oz hair products!

On to the important issue of packing:

I have searched internet land and have found  if one does not wish to look like a tourist while touring Italy do not wear white tennis shoes.  Okay do you really think that a group of 40 people hanging around each other is not going to look like a group of tourist! LOL.  Following the non tennis shoe recommendation I found a great pair of Keen Katie Strap Sandals.  LUV them!  Comfy, very supportive and cute.  Thank goodness I feel secure in not needing to pack a shoe for every outfit!  I also feel confident I will not have tired feet no matter how much walking I do.  

My other great purchase was a CitySafe 200 shoulder purse.  Not a day to day stylish purse but it will make a great travel purse.  Has steal meshing in the  front and bottom to protect you from purse slashings. The adjustable shoulder strap is  also wire-reinforced.  I will feel quiet secure carrying my IPAD and Camera.  The bag boasted a pocket to carry a water bottle, I have not found a small enough bottle for the pocket.  My camera will fit nicely in the bottle holder though.  Speaking of water bottles I found a great bottle with a filter that I can refill throughout the day, unfortunately it will have to roll around in the bottom of my purse.

Our Travel planner, Mountain (cool name huh), made several great recommendations for us.  The first one is to use a waist travel belt to carry our passport and money.  A Great tip that should be shared with anyone who plans on competing on Amazing Race!   Note to Brother Dan, sorry this is not a Fanny Pack, this goes unnoticed under your shirt.   The second suggestion sounds un-do-able BUT is very do-able and the suggestion is pack carry on only!

The airline 3-1-1 can be intimidating but with a little creativity IT CAN BE DONE.  Go for the natural look, powder make up such as bare minerals is just the trick.  Solid Deodorant does not have to go in the zippy bag. Woolite individual packets, great item to wash the quick dry clothes you packed.   Finally, purchase toothpaste and other cream/gel items in the airport or your destinations.

I think I have checked and double checked everything.  Flight from DFW to JFK departs Friday July 9th at 10:00an.  Can't wake up late as I have a two hour drive to DFW.   Pray for no delays as I only have 2 1/2 hours from arrival at JFK to catch my 5:35pm flight to Rome.   Good Luck has already been placed on our group as we recently found out the Scavi Tour (Saint Peter's Tomb) has been added to our agenda.  This tour is very hard to get, only 250 people a day are allowed on the tour.  I am very excited.

Will start my updates Saturday nite or Sunday morning Rome time as long as I have no technical difficulties.

See you then.